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Product number: SCR-VL040-1
Product information "HATESPHERE - New Hell [BLACK LP]"
Thrash Metal pushing you forward like there is no new tomorrow. Denmarks Thrash Machine at its best!

With their already 9th album these rednecks from Denmark surely know how they can push Thrash Metal to its limits. Driving fast but also with breaks to preserve a decent dynamics this album is an extreme metal rollercoaster.

This vinyl edition comes along with special layout and vinyl mastering, heavy cover and a very limited amount of copies. Grab your copy while you can!

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This high quality vinyl edition brought to you by Supreme Chaos Records features:
- 180g heavy vinyl for maximum quality and durability
- special vinyl mastering by Tue Madsen (Antfarm Studios)
- heavy 350g cover with matte inside-out print
- heavy matte high quality printed insert
- handnumbered limited editions
- special artwork sticker (only when ordered at SCR!)

Available colors:
- 100 x white
- 200 x black

Track listing:
1. The Executioner
2. Lines Crossed Lives Lost
3. Head On A Spike
4. The Longest Haul
5. Your Sad Existence
6. On The Shores Of Hell
7. New Hell
8. Master Of Betrayal
9. Hume Cesspool
10. The Grey Mass

Lyric video:
Artist: Hatesphere
Color: Black
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Heartburn Music, Supreme Chaos Records
Vinyl specification: 180g Vinyl
Genre: Thrash Metal
Format: 12" LP

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SUICIDAL ANGELS - Profane Prayer [CD]
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Digisleeve CD. 1. No Pain No Gain (feat. Craig Golias, Angel Vivaldi) 2. Conquer (feat. HELLBØRN, Clayton King) 3. Hey Bro Can You Spot Me? (feat. Craig Golias, Alarcon) 4. Judgment Day (feat. Ov Sulfur) 5. Everybody Pities The Weak (feat. HELLBØRN) 6. Don't Be Lazy (feat. Craig Golias) 7. Get Down (feat. Craig Golias) 8. Destroy The Machines (feat. HELLBØRN, Alarcon) 9. MeatGrinder (feat. HELLBØRN) 10. I Never Quit (feat. Kill ROB Bailey, Craig Golias, Bleeding Through)

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HORRESQUE - Chasms Pt. II - The Devouring Exorbitance [MARBLED LP]
SCR exclusive 'Malstrom clear/green/black marbled' vinyl, limited to 100 handnumbered copies. Vinyl details: · 140g quality pressed vinyl (pressed in Germany) · heavy 350gsm cover · high quality 16 pages booklet in LP format · "I Love Vinyl" sticker · antistatic polylined black inner sleeve Grim and powerful, highly energetic Blackened Death Metal with a unique twist of doubleguitar melodies, inexorable and powerful drumming and devilish vocals, Horresque don’t sound like everyone else. The Lyrics are the real deal – authentic stories put the Chasms of the human psyche on unadorned display. The sophomore full-length ‘Chasms Pt. II – The Devouring Exorbitance’ was recorded at Woodshed Studios in Landshut under the masterful hands of Victor Santura. Coverart and Layouting was done by Irrwisch Artdesign. Track listing: A1. Colonia Dignidad A2. A Mendacious Myth A3. Extinction Threshold B1. Herrmann's End B2. Mother Knows Best B3. Earthlings

Disclaimer: This record contains earthy death metal! The Bremen/Ruhrpott scene veterans PHANTOM CORPORATION smash a crusty bastard of death metal and thrash into your ears. The 4 songs all go forward, Leif Jensen (ex-Dew-Scented) tortures his organ to the extreme and sends you immediately into the pit. Jens from Slaughterday / Temple of Dread was brought on board as a guest for the Kreator cover "Take Their Lives". The PC tracks were produced and recorded by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio (God Dethroned, Suicidal Angels etc.). HARROWED from Sweden lump together the best of good old Swedish death metal and let the energy and unpolishedness of the early days shine through, so that you immediately reminisce. The musicians are no strangers to the scene due to their activities with Dead Lord and Morbus Chron, among others. Beer/black marbled vinyl, limited to 200 copies only. Vinyl details: · 180g heavy vinyl for maximum quality and durability · heavy 350gsm cover · high quality lyrics insert · "I Love Vinyl" sticker · antistatic polylined black inner sleeve A1. Phantom Corporation - Insurgents A2. Phantom Corporation - The Abyss A3. Phantom Corporation - Alongside Hell A4. Phantom Corporation - Take Their Lives B1. Harrowed - Poison Death B2. Harrowed - Reap The Storm B3. Harrowed - Wendigo

HATESPHERE - Murderlust [RED LP]
The eighth studio album from HATESPHERE is straight forward thrashing metal from Denmark. Recorded at Anfarm studios by Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, SICK OF IT ALL, MOONSPELL, DARK TRANQUILLITY). Transparent red vinyl, limited to 250 numbered copies. Heavy 180g vinyl with lyrics insert. A1. Murderlust A2. Pandora's Hell A3. Fear Me A4. The Violent Act A5. Punishable By Death B1. In Process B2. Iconoclast B3. Darkest Of Forces B4. Refill The Chest B5. Assassin (Muse Cover)

HATESPHERE - The Great Bludgeoning [RED LP]
Limited first edition, 180g vinyl, gatefold cover, numbered 100 x clear/transparent red splatter die-hard version 400 x transparent red version The infamous Danish institution responsible for delivering the heaviest of riffs unleashes its latest album "The Great Bludgeoning": a merciless and brutal inferno that will leave a trail of destruction in its wake. Guitarist and mastermind Peter "Pepe" Hansen and his accomplices confirm the band's supremacy and reach new heights with blistering tracks, such as "Venom", "Need to Kill", and "Smell of Death". High-speed riffs, furious solos, and grueling drums are the foundation of Hatesphere's sound, in which technical prowess and appeal brilliantly unite. Esben "Esse" Hansen, the new man on the mic, emerges as a driving force, using his aggressive vocals to push the band even further. As a result of this perfectly balanced cooperation, Hatesphere delivers a compact and uncompromising album that will outflank even the band's previous classic releases. The ultimate Danish thrash death metal manifestation! Brutal and merciless! Will be shipped starting October 7th, 2011.

The new intense and powerful album from the Danish thrash metal kings finally availalble as exclusive vinyl versions. Matte cover print, matte lyrics sheet, black vinyl, limited to 700 copies. Side A: 1. To The Nines 2. Backstabber 3. Cloaked In Shit 4. Clarity 5. Even If It Kills Me Side B: 6. Commencing A Campaign 7. The Writing's On The Wall 8. In The Trenches 9. Aurora 10. Oceans Of Blood Also available as splatter vinyl version.

BLOOD RED ANGEL - Crime Entertainment [CD]
The third album of the Rhine Area Thrashers offers pure modern metal - something for everyone ! Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Disabled Mankind 3. Like a Cancer 4. Damaged 5. World of Scum 6. Downwards 7. War Entertainment 8. Presence of a Shadow 9. The New Rights 10. Darksideforce 11. Decline


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Furious Trauma from Denmark. They've written some of the most catchy, riff-oriented thrash metal ever released. Music-wise they're a great mixture of old Metallica combined with that old school thrash sound we know from bands like Artillery and Exodus. Limited edition on transparent red vinyl with transparent blue bonus 7", 250 copies only. Tracklist 12" 1. Born Of The Flag 5:26 2. Adult Lust 5:05 3. Kick Ass 5:31 4. Slam The Fays 5:54 5. White Slavery 4:38 6. Ridin' With Sioux 3:49 I Tracklist 7" 1. Liquid Materia 5:06 L 2. In Your Dreams 6:27 L

DEAD EYED SLEEPER - Through Forests Of Nonentities [CD]
Approaching death metal in a totally new way, DEAD EYED SLEEPER combine jazz and doom moments with blast beats and brutal vocals. The result is an outstanding piece of music divided into 3 chapters with different moods performed by members from AHAB and FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING. Completed by an impressive artwork this album will blow your mind! For fans of Opeth, Necrophagist, Obscura and Centaurus-A. Also available as limited classy wooden box edition.

AGRYPNIE - Aetas Cineris [CD]
With a playing time of almost 80 minutes the new AGRYPNIE epic will take you to a cold melancholic world of sound which is interrupted by outbursts of black metal. Again recorded in the SU2 studios and featured with guest vocals done by Eklatanz from Heretoir, the brilliant sound completes this album in all its dimensions... This usual jewelcase version includes a 16 pages booklet. 1. Trümmer / Aetas Cineris 2. Dezember 3. Zurück 4. Kosmos [Alpha] 5. Gnosis 6. Erwachen 7. Sinnflut 8. Asche Available as limited digibook edition (CD+DVD), jewelcase CD and strictly limited vinyl! AGRYPNIE on Facebook

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Regarding subject matter "Nemesis" describes at best the direction of DEAD ALONE’s new album. Devastation, death and sadness are the leading topics of this longplayer that is the most grown up and multi-faceted one of the group so far. Between Death, Black and Doom Metal DEAD ALONE created their own multi-dimensional space for over ten years and develope it consistently with "Nemesis". Steadily changing between aggression and grief these ten new compositions are creating a vortex that tears the listeners right into the darkness and captures them merciless between these extremes. The drums were recorded at the "Devasoundz Studios" (SEPTICFLESH, ROTTING CHRIST, CHAOSTAR) in Athens directed by Fotis Benardo (SEPTICFLESH, CHAOSTAR). For the recordings of bass guitars, guitars and vocals DEAD ALONE worked with Sebastian Moser of the "Grotesque Studios" in Munich again, who already gave “Ad Infinitum” the right sound. Besides the recordings the mix and the mastering were also made there. 1. Nemesis 2. Eclipse 3. Great New World 4. Of Ash & Flesh 5. Confession 6. Wreckage 7. Watch Me Fall 8. As Worlds Collide 9. Shade 10. The Awakening 11. Bonustrack: Confession (Alternative Mix)

GORILLA MONSOON - Firegod - Feeding The Beast [CD]
The third full length album from the German stoner rock institution GORILLA MONSOON. Dirty rock, heavy riffs and a raspy voice, an mix you might expect from the mighty Kyuss. Classic heavy rock in the manner of Black Sabbath, southern drone somewhere between Crowbar, Down and Lynyrd Skynyrd with a death metal snot from Entombed. But anno 2015 more relaxed than ever before. 1. Goatlord 2. March of the Hellrock Inc. 3. Hammerdown 4. P.O.R.N. 5. Bastard Business 6. Law of the Riff 7. Call of Gaia 8. Shotgun Justice 9. Firegod

UNRU - Als Tier ist der Mensch nichts [CD]
Coming out of the nothing, UNRU combine unpopular genres like black metal and crust punk to one new extreme music mélange. As expected and like the previous splits with Sun Worship and Paramnesia the first full length album is pleasent different. Four tracks opposing all conventions and yet eradiating a sublime intransigence can only be wrecked on a record with a decent fuck off attitude. 1. Zerfall & Manifest 2. Das Anna-Karenina-Prinzip 3. Hedonee 4. Totemiker Total playing time 36:39 Available as CD, limited LP and MC.

Ravishing avantgarde black metal with overwhelming musical themes based on amazing musicianship and a wide range of vocal styles. This is truely a gem that needs to be discovered! Cover artwork by Truls Espedal (also worked for ENSLAVED). 01. Ghost 02. Schrein 03. Lost 04. Shinigami 05. Necromant 06. Zuflucht 07. 4JK 08. Origin 09. Pacific “Pretty impressive, they show a big step up musically!” - Alan Averill, PRIMORDIAL “One of the most cohesive music in my recent memories. Todtgelichter doesn’t stand in anyone’s shadow. A real cracker! Unequivocally recommended!” - Fabban, ABORYM “-Rooms- is an album of many shades, quirks, and crevices...It creeps up on you like shadows cast across the broken hotel floorboards at sunset, then leaves you in a melancholic stupor. Listen with an open mind, absorb the poignant and emotively sung (and screamed) lyrics… and request a late check-out.” - Xen, NE OBLIVISCARIS "With a high level of self-confidence and maturity Todtgelichter keep moving forward and create their very own style in today's extreme metal landscape. With every release they extend their musical range of different sounds and instruments more and more while always keeping it catchy and melodic. Thanks to the organic production everything fits perfectly together, each song has a great natural flow and nothing seems out of place. Very well done!" – Nikita Kamprad, Der Weg einer Freiheit “Mighty like a mountain, deep like the hadal zone, this enigmatic spectre opens the voids between dreams and death. Todtgelichter's brilliant Opus Magnum will haunt you...” – Chryst, Korova/ Korovakill/ Chryst Hell is Open Review 10/10! Legacy 12/15 - Soundcheck #11! Metal.de 9/10 Release Show 27.02.2016 Hamburg, Markthalle / Marx Tour with AGRYPNIE and ANOMALIE 20.05.2016 Oberhausen, Helvete 21.05.2016 Stuttgart, Zentral 22.05.2016 Zürich (CH), Dynamo 23.05.2016 München, Feierwerk 24.05.2016 Salzburg (AT), Rockhouse 25.05.2016 TBA 26.05.2016 Wien (AT), Viper Room 27.05.2016 Leipzig, Hellraiser 28.05.2016 Weinheim, Café Central

WHITE DAZE - Revelation EP [DIGI]
A new EP from WHITE DAZE. Another great piece of fine art proving that a perfect mix of Blues and Rock n' Roll can also be performed by a Germany based trio. First edition limited digipak.

THE OSSUARY - Post Mortem Blues [DIGI]
Debut album from italian doomsters THE OSSUARY. The title could not be more fitting. Unpolished, pure sounding 8 titles that send you straight back to the 70s where THE OSSUARY would have been easily one of the heaviest bands on the planet. Consisting of members that have been active in the underground scene for long this new ensemble mortale introduces with heavy doom rock breathing the spirit of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and the thrust of early heavy rock bands like Cactus, Captain Beyond, Wishbone Ash. Limited first edition digipak. 1. Black Curse 4:51 2. Witch Fire 3:35 3. Blood On The Hill 4:09 4. Graves Underwater 6:29 5. Post Mortem Blues 4:22 6. The Crowning Stone 4:05 7. Evil Churns 9:03 8. The Great Beyond 5:19