GORILLA MONSOON - Firegod - Feeding The Beast [CD]


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Product number: SCR-CD052-1
Product information "GORILLA MONSOON - Firegod - Feeding The Beast [CD]"
The third full length album from the German stoner rock institution GORILLA MONSOON. Dirty rock, heavy riffs and a raspy voice, an mix you might expect from the mighty Kyuss. Classic heavy rock in the manner of Black Sabbath, southern drone somewhere between Crowbar, Down and Lynyrd Skynyrd with a death metal snot from Entombed.
But anno 2015 more relaxed than ever before.

1. Goatlord
2. March of the Hellrock Inc.
3. Hammerdown
4. P.O.R.N.
5. Bastard Business
6. Law of the Riff
7. Call of Gaia
8. Shotgun Justice
9. Firegod
Artist: Gorilla Monsoon
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Stoner Rock
Format: CD