Schwarzes Tape mit J-Card, limitiert auf 500 Exemplare. 1. Acid Haze (4:51) 2. Scarred Core (3:29) 3. Dream Cull (4:15) 4. Myrmidon (4:33) 5. The Deep Unbound (4:07) 6. Septentrion (4:28) 7. Trapped Under Ice (3:59) 8. The Book Of Breath (4:35) 9. Dread Reaver (4:44)

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ANAEL - From Arcane Fires [GOLDEN TAPE CASS]
Goldenes Tape mit 3-fach gefalteter J-Card, limitiert auf 200 Exemplare. A1. Devil's Tongues A2. She Is Ever A Moon A3. Down Winding Stairs B1. Blood & Honey B2. Song Of The Moth B3. All Souls' Night B4. Muspilli

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Türkises Tape mit 2-fach gefalteter J-Card, limitiert auf 200 Exemplare. A1. Odyssey A2. Anachron A3. The Glass People A4. Sophia B1. Dreamtide B2. The Darkness Within B3. Chant (Bonus Track)

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ANAEL - Necromantic Rituals [BLACK TAPE CASS]
Schwarzes Tape mit 2-fach gefalteter J-Card, limitiert auf 200 Exemplare. A1. Intro A2. Worship Of Death A3. Into The Dark A4. Vomit Of The Earth A5. Possessed By The Ancient... B1. Father Of The Doom B2. Vigour B3. Necromantic Rituals B4. Bestial Opera B5. The Poisoned Kiss B6. Last Salutation

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Meerblaues Tape mit 3-fach gefalteter J-Card, limitiert auf 200 Exemplare. A1. Swords A2. Children Of Besz A3. The Black God's Icon A4. On Wings Of Mercury A5. Slayeress Of Kings A6. Interlude B1. Marching Through Babylon's Gates B2. A Storm From The Past B3. Call Of The Eastern Tower B4. Where Silence Echoes

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Schwarzes Tape, limitiert auf 100 Exemplare. ARROGANZ, das ist rasende Aufrichtigkeit, Verzweiflung und spürbare Wut - eine Attitüde jenseits von "Fuck Off" und der pure Wille zur Freiheit. Zu 100% Heavy Metal schert sich das Trio dabei einen Dreck um Klischees. Brachialer Death Metal gemischt mit kalten Black Metal-Parts und obskuren Doom-Passagen sind ihr Markenzeichen. ARROGANZ haben ihren eigenen, unvergleichbaren Stil. Nach "Primitiv" und "Erzketzer" ist jetzt die Zeit für "Morsus" gekommen - den dunklen letzten Teil einer Trilogie. b r e a t h e . r i s e . r u l e . d i e

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AT THE GATES - At War With Reality [TAPE CASS]
SIDE A 1. El Altar Del Dios Desconocido 2. Death And The Labyrinth 3. At War With Reality 4. The Circular Ruins 5. Heroes And Tombs 6. The Conspiracy Of The Blind 7. Order From Chaos SIDE B 8. The Book Of Sand (The Abomination) 9. The Head Of The Hydra 10. City Of Mirrors 11. Eater Of Gods 12. Upon Pillars Of Dust 13. The Night Eternal

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Hellblaue MC. 1. Embers, 2. Last Word, 3. Beneath the Rose, 4. Choir, 5. The Dirge, 6. Anodyne, 7. Shine, 8. Magnolia, 9. Under the Wheel, 10. Bloom

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SIDE A 1. Hades 2. Reaper 3. Necromansy 4. Sacrifice SIDE B 5. In Conspirasy With Satan 6. Armageddon 7. Raise The Dead 8. War 9. Outro

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BATHORY - Blood Fire Death [TAPE CASS]
A1. Odens Ride Over Nordland A2. A Fine Day To Die A3. The Golden Walls Of Heaven A4. Pace 'Til Death A5. Holocaust B1. For All Those Who Died B2. Dies Irae B3. Blood Fire Death

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A1. Intro. / Blood On Ice A2. Man Of Iron A3. One Eyed Man A4. The Sword A5. The Stallion B1. The Woodwoman / The Lake B2. Gods Of Thunder Of Wind And Of Rain B3. The Ravens B4. The Revenge Of Blood On Ice B5. Untitled

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BATHORY - Destroyer Of Worlds [TAPE CASS]
A1. Lake Of Fire A2. Destroyer Of Worlds A3. Ode A4. Pestilence A5. Bleeding A6. 109 A7. Death From Above B1. Kill Kill Kill B2. Liberty & Justice B3. Krom B4. Sudden Death B5. White Bones B6. Day Of Wrath

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BATHORY - Hammerheart [TAPE CASS]
A1. Shores In Flames A2. Valhalla A3. Baptised In Fire And Ice B1. Father To Son B2. Song To Hall Up High B3. Home Of Once Brave B4. One Rode To Asa Bay

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BATHORY - In Memory Of Quorthon Vol. I [TAPE CASS]
A1. Song To Hall Up High A2. Odens Ride Over Nordland A3. Twilight Of The Gods A4. Foreverdark Woods A5. A Fine Day To Die A6. The Woodwoman B1. I’ve Had It Coming My Way B2. Armageddon B3. Born To Die B4. God Save The Queen B5. The Sword B6. For All Those Who Died B7. Call From The Grave B8. Born For Burning B9. Boy

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BATHORY - In Memory Of Quorthon Vol. II [TAPE CASS]
A1. One Rode To Asa Bay A2. The Lake A3. The Land A4. Raise The Dead A5. War Pigs A6. Enter The Eternal Fire B1. Blood Fire Death B2. Ring Of Gold B3. War Machine B4. War B5. Ace Of Spades B6. Death And Resurrection Of A Northern Son B7. The Ravens

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BATHORY - In Memory Of Quorthon Vol. III [TAPE CASS]
A1. The Wheel Of Sun A2. Apocalypse A3. Black Diamond A4. Woman Of Dark Desires A5. Destroyer Of Worlds A6. Sea Wolf A7. Deuce B1. The Return Of Darkness And Evil B2. Day Of Wrath B3. I’m Only Sleeping B4. Ode B5. Hammerheart B6. Heimfard B7. Outro B8. You Just Got To Live B9. Silverwing B10. Song To Hall Up High

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BATHORY - Jubileum Vol. I [TAPE CASS]
A1. Rider At The Gates Of Dawn A2. Crawl To Your Cross A3. Sacrifice A4. Dies Irae A5. Through Blood By Thunder A6. You Don’t Move Me, I Don’t Give A Fuck A7. Oden’s Rider Over Nordland A8. A Fine Day To Die B1. War B2. Enter The Eternal Fire B3. Song To Hall Up High B4. Sadist B5. Under The Runes B6. Equimanthorn B7. Blood Fire Death

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BATHORY - Jubileum Vol. II [TAPE CASS]
A1. The Return Of Darkness And Evil A2. Burnin’ Leather A3. One Rode To Asa Bay A4. The Golden Walls Of Heaven A5. Call From The Grave A6. Die In Fire B1. Shores In Flames B2. Possessed B3. Raise The Dead B4. Total Destruction B5. Bond Of Blood B6. Twilight Of The Gods

11,90 €*
A1. 33 Something A2. Satan My Master A3. The Lake A4. Crosstitution A5. In Nomine Satanas A6. Immaculate Pinetreeroad #930 A7. War Machine B1. The Stallion B2. Resolution Greed B3. Witchcraft B4. Valhalla B5. Sociopath B6. Pax Vobiscum B7. Genocide B8. Gods Of Thunder, Of Wind And Of Rain

11,90 €*
A1. Lake Of Fire A2. Armageddon A3. Possessed A4. Enter The Eternal Fire A5. Oden’s Ride Over Nordland / A Fine Day To Die B1. One Rode To Asa Bay B2. Prologue / Twilight Of The Gods / Epilogue B3. Distinguished To Kill B4. War Supply B5. Woodwomen B6. Untitled

11,90 €*
A1. Prelude A2. Nordland A3. Winterblot A4. Dragon Brearh A5. Ring Of Gold B1. Foreverdark Woods B2. Broken Swords B3. Great Hall Awaits Fallen Brother B4. Mother Earth Father Thunder B5. Heimfard

11,90 €*
A1. Immaculate Pinetreeroad #930 / Born To Die A2. Psychopath A3. Sociopath A4. Grey A5. Century B1. 33 Something B2. War Supply B3. Schizianity B4. Judgement Of Posterity B5. Deuce B6. Outro

11,90 €*
A1. Requiem A2. Crosstitution A3. Necroticus A4. War Machine A5. Blood And Soil B1. Pax Vobiscum B2. Suffocate B3. Distinguish To Kill B4. Apocalypse

11,90 €*
BATHORY - The Return... [TAPE CASS]
A1. Revelation Of Doom / Total Destruction A2. Born For Burning A3. The Wind Of Mayhem A4. Bestial Lust A5. Possessed B1. The Rite Of Darkness / Reap Of Evil B2. Son Of The Damned B3. Sadist B4. The Return Of The Darkness And Evil B5. Outro

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