UNDERTOW - Don't Pray To The Ashes... [CD]


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Product number: PM005-1
Product information "UNDERTOW - Don't Pray To The Ashes... [CD]"
The most mature album from UNDERTOW so far! The new record offers the best out of various genres, be it Doom, Alternative Rock or Thrash Metal. On their sixth album, UNDERTOW have brought their sound to perfection!

Feat. Michelle Darkness from END OF GREEN as guest singer!

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. The Bitter Taste
3. Art Of Falling
4. Still Waiting
5. Threedouble Chime
6. Smoke Garden
7. Ashtray Memories
8. Beyond Dreaming
9. File Under Unexpected
10. Drenched in Gasoline

Available as strictly limited digipak version and as usual jewelcase CD.

The album will be shipped starting January 10th 2010.
Artist: Undertow
Label/Manufacturer: Prevision Music, Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Heavy Metal