NOCTE OBDUCTA - Nektar Teil 2 [CD]


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Product number: SCR-CD016
Product information "NOCTE OBDUCTA - Nektar Teil 2 [CD]"
Musically NOCTE OBDUCTA are still acting within sophisticated, complex black metal regions and even the raw beginnings of black metal are remembered more than once. And yet, they are breaking through the boundaries to Thrash, Death and Doom easily and besides all the calm moments, which are typical for NOCTE OBDUCTA, there are also passages, which seem to originate from a dark rock album.

Lyrically, NOCTE OBDUCTA are dealing with the past on the first half of the album, investigating the mind of a time, which provided the basis for the previous album "Nektar Teil 1", so it is a time travel 10 years into the past. The second half warns of losing oneself in the past and looks forward but leaves it at the call to stand up, to recover and to shape life. Events shall be hidden as well as the musical future of NOCTE OBDUCTA. The songs on this album are complex, atmospheric and varied.

From this point there is more than one way to choose ...
Artist: Nocte Obducta
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD