DOOL - Visions Of Summerland (Live At Arminius Church Rotterdam) [TRANSPARENT DLP]


This product will be released on 24 November 2023

Product number: EM00153042
Product information "DOOL - Visions Of Summerland (Live At Arminius Church Rotterdam) [TRANSPARENT DLP]"
Gatefold 2LP (clear vinyl) with padded inner sleeves, poster and protection sleeve (limited edition).

"Visions of Summerland (Live at Arminius Church Rotterdam)" is far more than just another live album. DOOL recorded these tracks in the darkest of all nights during the winter solstice of December 23, 2022. It was not just physically the gloomiest time of the year, but also spiritually a dark hour for the Dutch dark rock shooting stars. They had hardly been able to tour their latest, sophomore full-length "Summerland" due to the global pandemic. They were also aware that this would be the last concert with their friend and drummer Micha Haring, who had previously announced in private that he was leaving DOOL for personal reasons. The stage seemed set for a most melancholic performance in the fitting location of the Arminiuskerk ("Arminius Church") in Rotterdam. Surrounded by the sacred architecture and grave religious imagery and in front of family, friends and their most loyal fans, DOOL put all their heart's blood, sweat, and tears into their songs while on stage. The band wove pure magic on stage. Out of despair and pain grew the bright light of musical beauty and hope of what singer Raven calls their quite likely best performance ever. Ever since rising from the ashes of THE DEVIL'S BLOOD and ELLE BANDITA in the old Dutch harbour city of Rotterdam in the year 2015, DOOL have left their gloomy mark on the European dark rock scene. Their debut album "Here Now, There Then" was released in 2017 and immediately struck gold receiving "album of the month titles" in the renowned German magazines Metal Hammer and Rock Hard as well as the "Best Debut Album 2017" award from the former – among other high praise from around the globe including from Vice (US), Aardschok (NL), and De Volkskrant (NL). With their sophomore full-length "Summerland" released in April 2020, the shooting stars around charismatic guitarist and singer Raven van Dorst confirmed their head start and garnered even more accolades in the media. "Summerland" scored more "Album of the Month" awards in German Rock Hard (10/10) and Sonic Seducer magazines as well as a #2 soundcheck positions in, Metal Hammer (DE) and another #1 in the Polish edition – with glowing reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Before DOOL will unleash their third full-length in spring 2024, the Dutch dark rockers decided to offer their dedicated following this amazing live document as a gift. "Visions of Summerland (Live at Arminius Church Rotterdam)" brings musical light into a world of darkness.

01. Intro
02. Wolf Moon
03. Be Your Sins
04. God Particle
05. In Her Darkest Hour
06. She Goat
07. Sulphur & Starlight
08. Summerland
09. A Glass Forest
10. Love Like Blood
11. Oweynagat
12. Dust & Shadow
Artist: Dool
Color: Clear
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Prophecy Productions
Vinyl specification: Poster
Genre: Heavy Rock