DEAD ALONE - Nemesis [CD]


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Product number: SCR-CD051-1
Product information "DEAD ALONE - Nemesis [CD]"
Regarding subject matter "Nemesis" describes at best the direction of DEAD ALONE’s new album. Devastation, death and sadness are the leading topics of this longplayer that is the most grown up and multi-faceted one of the group so far. Between Death, Black and Doom Metal DEAD ALONE created their own multi-dimensional space for over ten years and develope it consistently with "Nemesis". Steadily changing between aggression and grief these ten new compositions are creating a vortex that tears the listeners right into the darkness and captures them merciless between these extremes.

The drums were recorded at the "Devasoundz Studios" (SEPTICFLESH, ROTTING CHRIST, CHAOSTAR) in Athens directed by Fotis Benardo (SEPTICFLESH, CHAOSTAR). For the recordings of bass guitars, guitars and vocals DEAD ALONE worked with Sebastian Moser of the "Grotesque Studios" in Munich again, who already gave “Ad Infinitum” the right sound. Besides the recordings the mix and the mastering were also made there.

1. Nemesis
2. Eclipse
3. Great New World
4. Of Ash & Flesh
5. Confession
6. Wreckage
7. Watch Me Fall
8. As Worlds Collide
9. Shade
10. The Awakening
11. Bonustrack: Confession (Alternative Mix)
Artist: Dead Alone
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Format: CD