ULCEROUS PHLEGM - Phlegm As A Last Consequence [BLACK LP]

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Produktinformationen "ULCEROUS PHLEGM - Phlegm As A Last Consequence [BLACK LP]"
Schwarzes Vinyl.

1 - 3: »Sick Evolution« 7" EP, Released 1992 on Bodonski Records
4 - 15: »International Problems Can't Be Solved By Intern Nationalism« 7" EP, Released 1990 on Shithouse Records

1: Unreleased studio track from the »Sick Evolution« studio session 1992
2: Live in Düsseldorf, Kiefernstr, Sept 14 1990
3: Live in Pfaffenhofen, July 28 1990
4 + 5: Rehearsal, April 17 1992
6 - 8: Live in Neusaess, Jan 26 1991

A1. Sick Evolution
A2. Godless
A3. The Day Man Lost
A4. Illusions
A5. Do It Yourself
A6. Learn From The Mistakes
A7. Consequence
A8. Decay Of Personality
A9. R.E.P.
A10. The Meaning Of Life
A11. Death Wish
A12. Devil In Disguise
A13. Things …
A14. Dark Half
A15. Young Urban Death
B1. Suffering For Our Prosperity
B2. Looking For Answers
B3. Noise Session With Watschi / Belching Beet
B4. Decay Of Personality / Illusions
B5. The Day Man Lost
B6. Death With
B7. Consequence
B8. Make-Up Your Mind
Künstler: Ulcerous Phlegm
Genre: Death Metal, Grindcore
Label/Hersteller: Power It Up
Farbe: Schwarz
Farb-Effekt: Einfarbig

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