MANTAR - Pain Is Forever And This Is The End [BLACK LP]

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Produktnummer: EM00148655
Produktinformationen "MANTAR - Pain Is Forever And This Is The End [BLACK LP]"
Schwarzes Vinyl im Gatefold-Cover mit Insert, Download-Code.

A1. Egoisto
A2. Hang 'Em Low (So the Rats Can Get 'Em)
A3. Grim Reaping
A4. Orbital Pus
A5. Piss Ritual
B1. Of Frost and Decay
B2. Walking Corpse
B3. New Age Pagan
B4. Horder
B5. Odysseus
Künstler: Mantar
Genre: Death Metal
Label/Hersteller: Metal Blade Records
Format: 12" LP
Farbe: Schwarz
Farb-Effekt: Einfarbig
Eigenschaften: Download-Code, Gatefold-Cover