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Produktnummer: EM00143572
Produktinformationen "HEAVEN SHALL BURN - Der Wanderer [LTD.2-CD MEDIABOOK DCD]"
Ltd. 2-CD Mediabook including cover compilation CD "Too Good To Steal From" featuring bands like Tiamat, Life Of Agony, Edge Of Sanity, Dritte Wahl and others.

Tracklist CD 1
01. The Loss Of Fury
02. Bring The War Home
03. Passage Of The Crane
04. They Shall Not Pass
05. Downshifter
06. Prey To God
07. Agent Orange
08. My Heart Is My Compass
09. Save Me
10. Corium
11. Extermination Order
12. A River Of Crimson
13. The Cry Of Mankind

Tracklist CD 2
01. Whatever That Hurts
02. Valhalla
03. Black Tears
04. European Super State
05. Straßenkampf
06. Nowhere
07. True Belief
08. Not My God
09. Destroy Fascism
10. Dislocation
11. Auge Um Auge
12. Downfall Of Christ
13. River Runs Red
Künstler: Heaven Shall Burn
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label/Hersteller: Century Media

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