CHEENO - The Next Step Will Be The Hardest [BOOK BOOK]


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Product information "CHEENO - The Next Step Will Be The Hardest [BOOK BOOK]"
Since their foundation, Cheeno were dealt as an insider tip. Now this five-piece is breaking in with a monumental long player with a gigantic playtime of 72 minutes. On their debut album "The Next Step Will Be The Hardest" each song is a potential hit but anyway the band managed to combine them with a musical and lyrical concept to form a whole.
The lyrics are dealing with stories which cynically accuse the emotional blunting of humanity with Cheeno as sentimental protagonists at the center stage.
Winning the German rock and pop award 2006 in the category Alternative Rock was a proof for the convincing originality and live presence of the band.

The book contains the concept story (150 pages) behind the album!

2008 Supreme Chaos Records / Prevision Music
Artist: Cheeno
Label/Manufacturer: Prevision Music, Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Alternative Rock