AHAB - The Boats Of The Glen Carrig [BLACK DOUBLE VINYL]

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Produktnummer: EM00136620
Produktinformationen "AHAB - The Boats Of The Glen Carrig [BLACK DOUBLE VINYL]"
Schwarzes Doppel-Vinyl im Gatefold-Cover.

Tracklist LP 1
A1. The Isle
B1. The Thing That Made Search
B2. Like Red Foam (The Great Storm)
Tracklist LP 2
C1. The Weedmen
D1. To Mourn Job
D2. The Light In The Weed (Mary Madison)
Künstler: Ahab
Genre: Doom Metal
Label/Hersteller: Napalm Records
Farbe: Schwarz
Farb-Effekt: Einfarbig
Eigenschaften: Gatefold-Cover