BRESCHDLENG - Breschdleng [CD]


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Product information "BRESCHDLENG - Breschdleng [CD]"
The southern Germans Breschdleng are without any doubt very unique. Hardcore mixed with metal and enriched with swabian lyrics and a portion of groove. Despite all the funny acting the band also deals with serious points of view and tries to transport a message in their deeply dialectic words. On Summer Breeze Open Air 2007 the band succeeded in making the whole audience jump. Since then all of the bands shows are always sold out and there seems to be no end of the Strawberry mania...

1. Roschdich 3:13
2. Schdeffala 4:15
3. Bis Oins Heild 3:36
4. Breschdleng 2:54
5. Roschdbrohda 4:27
6. Seiferts Fritz 4:41
Artist: Breschdleng
Label/Manufacturer: Prevision Music, Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Hardcore